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What is a success story?  View Success Stories

A success story describes something your team did to create lasting improvement in some aspect of care or quality of life for residents. Sometimes the story describes a successful performance improvement project. Other times, the story shares a little success along the way: a specific intervention, or a step in implementing or spreading the change. Descriptions of challenges and how they were addressed can be particularly helpful. Stories from the team involved in making the change are important because they are about real challenges and real people.

Why do we want to recognize success stories?

The NNHQI Campaign and CMS are working to build a culture of continuous quality improvement in our nation's long term care communities. An important step in this process is recognizing successful efforts. By celebrating successes, large and small, you help inspire improvement across our country.

What's your story? Share "what works" for you.

Tell us about a change you have implemented successfully. It’s easy – we provide an online form with specific prompts to help guide you. Choose the prompts that fit your story. You will also choose when and with whom to share.