Quality Improvement Tools

Testing Change and Starting Small

Testing change, the essence of a PDSA cycle, is like perfecting a recipe before preparing it for guests. This tip sheet includes ideas for how to start small with your QI project and data collection.

The Domestic Lean Goddess - PDSA

The Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycle is applied to an everyday situation: getting the kids to school on time. Applying the four steps of the cycle pinpoints the root cause and allows effective action to take place.

Manual for Change

Suggestions for preparing your team for change, helping staff gain ownership over change, and sustaining the improvements over time are included in this comprehensive implementation guide.

IHI Seven Spreadly Sins

Practical tips to avoid common pitfalls as we race to spread a good thing. This colorful infographic keeps those reminders within reach.

Eliminating Waste

The Domestic Lean Goddess helps a mom make her laundry days more efficient. Use this technique to eliminate duplication, re-work, or waste in your daily operations.

QAPI Resources

QAPI emphasizes using a structured approach to identify priorities and address them through performance improvement projects to achieve sustained change.

Five Whys: Finding the Root Cause

Wondering how to do a root cause analysis? Use the 5 Whys technique to drilldown past the symptoms to the real source of the problem.

PDSA Worksheet

Plan and document your tests of change with these resources. Templates help track the outcome of each test and plan your next steps.

Flow Charts

Drawing a map of a process helps your team identify steps that do not add value, create delays, add unnecessary work, or contribute to breakdowns in communication.

Cause and Effect Diagram

What’s causing the problem? Make a diagram showing all the possible things contributing to the outcome you want to change.

Project Planning Form

Help your team see at a glance the full picture of a project, including a list of the changes that the team is testing, assignments, and timelines.

The Full IHI Toolkit

Download the full toolkit and explore additional resources to implement and manage a successful improvement project.