If the question and/or answer you are looking for is not listed below, please submit your question to the NNHQI Campaign Help Desk.


  • Forgot Username/Password?

    If you forgot your username and/or password, please select SIGN IN/REGISTER at the top right corner of the NNHQI Campaign website, scroll down and select "forgot your username/password." A pop-up box will appear with three options; supply the requested information for the option you choose and submit. An email will be sent with a link to access your account. Once you are in your account, the SIGN IN/REGISTER button will read SIGNED IN AS ---. Mouse over the words SIGNED IN AS--- and select MY PROFILE from the menu. You may update your information and set a new username and password.

    If the email to which the automatic link is sent is incorrect, please email the NNHQI Campaign Help Desk with your nursing home name, address, and Medicare/Medicaid provider number and request to update the email address on file.

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  • Already Registered But Need Account Access?

    Search our directory to see if your organization is already registered. If you are new to the home and want account access, use the 'I know my Medicare/Medicaid Provider Number' option on the 'Forgot Password' section under the SIGN IN page. When you hit 'Submit' you'll see the email addresses of the current contacts associated with your home’s account. If the person(s) with the contact email on your account are no longer at your home, please send an email to the NNHQI Campaign Help Desk with your full name, and the name, address, main telephone number and Medicare/Medicaid provider number for your home so we may reset your account access. Search tips can be found in the "Finding Nursing Homes" section below.

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  • Need To Add/Update Contact(s)?

    Once you are signed into your NNHQI Campaign profile, go to the top right corner of the website, hover over SIGNED IN AS and select MY PROFILE from the menu. Once you are on your profile page, you are able to update the contact information.

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  • Select Goal(s)?

    Once you are logged into your NNHQI Campaign profile, go to the top right corner of the website hover over SIGNED IN AS and select VIEW MY GOALS. From this page you are able to select goals.

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  • Deselect Goal(s)?

    If you need to deselect a goal, send an email with the following information to the NNHQI Campaign Help Desk:

    • The goal(s) you'd like unselected.
    • Let us know if data has been entered for any of these goals, and why the home is choosing to drop the goal (a sentence).
    • You may choose to have the goals marked as Complete, On Hold, or deselected entirely. If deselected, you will lose the history of having worked on this goal and will no longer see any data that have been entered. We recommend that you do not deselect goals entirely unless they were selected in error and/or no data have ever been entered for them.
    • Let us know which goals should remain Active.
    • Include your nursing home's name, mailing address (and Medicare provider number if you have it handy). This helps us ensure that we are accessing the correct account.
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  • Want To Participate In The National Nursing Home Quality Improvement Campaign?

    Details on how to be a participant in the Campaign are located here: How To Participate.

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  • Entering monthly outcome data on the website?

    Transferring your monthly outcomes to the website gives you customizable trend graphs to monitor your QI project and keeps your participation status active. Click here for instructions (PDF).

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  • Step 1 - Conducting a search

    • Browse to this page: Find Registered Organizations.
    • Choose either "State" or "Zipcode or City, State" as your location. If you chose "State", you may also choose a "County" If you chose 'Zipcode or City, State", you can enter a "Zipcode" or a "City, State". Example: 80014 or Aurora, CO.
    • Once you've entered the location, you can further filter your search by entering a full OR partial "Nursing Home Name".
    • Select the "Search" button to get your nursing home search results.
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  • Step 2: Search and results

    • The search results lists nursing homes that match your search criteria.
    • Search results are limited to 10 nursing homes per page. Use the pagination function to navigate through all pages.
    • To view general information about a nursing home, select the nursing home name from the search results list.
    • Once you've modified your search, select the "Update Results” button to see results based on the new search criteria.
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