Purpose & Overview

The National Nursing Home Quality Improvement (NNHQI) Campaign exists to provide long term care providers, consumers and their advocates, and quality improvement professionals with free, easy access to evidence-based and model-practice resources to support continuous quality improvement.

The Campaign promotes focus on individuals’ preferences, staff empowerment, and involving all staff, consumers and leadership in creating a culture of continuous quality improvement.

The website provides resources designed to support data-driven quality improvement including:

  • Resources to support each step of your quality improvement project on nine priority goals.
  • Quality Measure (QMs) trend graphs to support both individual nursing homes and states in identifying priority areas for improvement.
  • Tracking Tools that allow both individual and aggregate views of data, including both process and outcomes measures.
  • Participating providers access interactive data displays that produce on-demand downloadable reports to monitor their project(s).
  • NNHQI Campaign Help Desk answers questions about Campaign participation and provides technical assistance with data collection and performance improvement projects.
  • The Campaign website also facilitates data share between providers and third parties. Examples of third parties include state incentive programs, state QIN-QIOs, researchers, provider groups, and consultants. In this arrangement, the website functions as a data-exchange portal, directly facilitating the relationship between providers and their partners. Please contact the NNHQI Campaign Help Desk if you are interested in learning more.